Media reports revealed that Portuguese player Cristiano Ronaldo, gives his girlfriend and mother of his children Georgina Rodriguez, a huge monthly spend to help her live a luxurious life.

According to reports, Cristiano Ronald gives his girlfriend 96 thousand euros as a monthly expense for her and the four children, although she does not need the money as she works as a model and earns 8,000 on every post she publishes on her Instagram account, in addition to her work as a model.

Ronaldo from Georgina has only one child, Alana Martina, who is only two years old, but Georgina raises his other three children.

Cristiano Ronaldo earns 30 million euros a year from Juventus as a net salary, and he gets a lot of money from welfare rights and accounts on social media.

Georgina recently presented an expensive Mercedes car to Cristiano, on the occasion of his birthday, on February 5.

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