French coach Zinedine Zidane, Real Madrid's coach, praised the intervention of Fede Valverde and obstructed Albaro Morata from behind, to prevent the opportunity of a certain goal for the Atl├ętico in the last minutes of the second extra half, although it cost him a red card directly.

The referee made the red card straight to Valverde in the 115th minute of the match, after he blocked Murata from behind on the edge of the penalty area and was completely alone with Pettbo Courtois.

"He did well," Zaidan told the press conference after the match in the (King Abdullah Sports City) stadium in Jeddah. "He had to do this violation. My video won the award for best player in the final."

"But he understands that this award is for all players who are doing their best on the field. He deserves it, and also everyone who participated."

On the other hand, Argentine coach Diego Simeone, coach of Atletico Madrid, expressed his understanding of the intervention of Uruguayan Fede Valverde from behind on Albaro Morata to prevent him from singing Pettibo Courtois.

"The most important game in the match was Valverde's intervention," the Argentine coach told the media after the match, which was held at the King Abdullah Sports City stadium in Jeddah. "This intervention deprived us of the opportunity of a certain goal that would have likely ended the meeting completely."

"It was the most important shot, and I told him not to worry, which player would have done the same to you. He should have made this intervention. We will see how many games he will be away from after the dismissal."

"We were better in terms of competition on the field to win, more than the Barcelona match, we were good in the attack, and their goalkeeper tackled dangerous balls. The most important shot in the match, with Valverde interfering, deprived us of a goal opportunity that would have likely settled the match."

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